​Why don't you spread the higher quality of Japanese traditional crafts around your country?


Recently Japan has been one of the popular countries to visit for sightseeing.

There are approx 29 million visitors from overseas in 2017.

They enjoy Japanese traditional culture, delicious foods, shopping, going temples and shrines in the season of cherry blossoms viewing and autumn leaves.

Japanese traditional crafts are explosively focused all over the world in special.

The reason why the Japanese traditional crafts so popular is their higher quality such as ceramic rice cookers which can make rice much more delicious compared with using a normal electric rice cooker, stainless beer cups which can make beer foam smooth as cream and wooden lunch boxes which can make foods inside much more delicious because the wooden wall surface and lid get absorbed the excess water inside the lunch box.

Also stylish decoration using with lacquer creates Japanese historic ambience.

Japan made products make you life splendid. Feel the higher quality.

Why so high quality?

Because they are made painstakingly piece by piece by expert craftworkers not by automatically bulk production.

Also we can say they are absolutely got attractive around your country as well. 

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About the founder: Kikuko Tamura (Ms.)

After graduated from a university, she worked in the export business at several large to small manufacturers. Centered in Asia, she has been visiting various countries in Europe, America, and others, but she feels that there is no substitute for the high-quality of Japanese products wherever she goes. She was especially impressed with and could not forget the tasty steamed rice cooked using a ceramic rice cooker.

Her mission is to spread Japanese food culture and related tableware all over the world and to offer high-quality Japanese products and introduce Japan to as many people as possible.